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How Can I Afford The Care I Need After a Car Accident?

on 26 April 2012.

How Can I Afford the Medical Care I Need?

One of the first questions our offices get asked is about payment for medical treatment of car accident injuries.  The time following an auto accident can be financially straining due to lost income, automobile expenses and medical care.  Our teams can walk you through the options for payment available to you when you have been in a collision.  Often times we are able to reduce and in many cases eliminate your out of pocket costs.  Below are the more common types of coverage offered including Med Pay, third party, hiring a personal injury attorney (lawyer) and major medical insurance. 

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Personal Injury Protection (PIP)/Med Pay

This is coverage on your personal auto policy or, if you are a passenger, the driver of the vehicle that you were riding in. It allows for medical payments directly to the doctor. This coverage will have a set total limit typically between $2,500 and $20,000. Our offices can file this coverage just like major medical insurance and there will be no out of pocket cost to you unless you reach the policy limits.

Third Party Assignment

On some occasions, the insurance company of the person who is at fault will allow medical offices to take assignment on the claim. This term means that when the claim is settled, the insurance company becomes responsible for payment directly to the doctor’s office. This option is only available if the at fault’s insurance company will cooperate.

Third Party without Assignment

When auto insurance companies for the at fault driver (their insurance company) refuse assignment, most patients elect to have a personal injury attorney represent them. Our offices cannot give you legal advice, but can provide a list of lawyers who our patients have had positive experiences with. The attorney will look at your case and determine why the insurance company denied responsibility. If the attorney determines that your claim has merit, they will accept your case typically with no up front cost to you. Attorneys send medical providers a letter of protection. Like third party assignment, a letter of protection is a way for you to receive the treatment you need now and your doctors will receive payment when your case is settled.

Medical Insurance

If you are fortunate enough to have major medical insurance and can afford your deductibles and co-pays this may be an option. Please ask our staff to determine if your policy will cover injuries during an auto accident. If the accident was your fault or there is no other coverage this may be your best option.


When all other avenues have been exhausted, your final option is to pay cash. While treatment for serious injury can be expensive, our offices will attempt to work out a plan to assist you during this difficult time.

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