Why Is Early and Consistent Treatment So Important Following an Auto Injury?

Written by Dr. Jay Heintz on Friday, 01 February 2013 18:31.

Following an auto accident, it is imperative that someone who has pain be evaluated and treated as soon as possible.  This needs to be done to rule out significant injury that may require immediate referral for bracing, casting or surgery.  In cases where the injury does not warrant surgical evaluation, statistically speaking, an uncomplicated sprain/strain should resolve within 6-12 weeks.  However, anyone who is injured and does not seek immediate treatment is possibly penalized in two ways.  The most important is the time it takes to recover from an injury and the second is how you are perceived during the settlement process. 

When trying to recover from an injury there are three phases of healing acute, sub acute, and chronic.  Acute phase is defined as the first 48-72 hours of an injury.  The sub acute phase begins 48-72 hours after initial injury and last for weeks to months.  Chronic phase is weeks to months after an injury.  Obviously, the sooner you start treatment the faster and better your chances are for full recovery.


Chiropractic for Personal Injury Accidents

Written by Dr. Jay Heintz on Wednesday, 15 August 2012 02:59.

Dr. Tim Runnels of North Houston Chiropractic shows in the video below, a typical chiropractic office setup for the treatment of personal injury accidents. Dr. Runnels' office services the areas of North Houston, Spring, Humble, and The Woodlands. He showed his rehabilitative suite where muscles are retrained following injury or auto accidents to make sure that there is complete resolution of the damaged tissues. Many modalities were demonstrated including muscle stimulation, which is often used to either reduce muscle spasm or take away pain, and ultrasound, which is used to break up scar tissue inside of muscles.

In his x-ray suite, Dr. Runnels shows how patients are initially examined and how they can rule out acute fracture from personal injury accidents by taking x-rays. Spinalator tables are utilized to mobilize the spine and allow for successful spinal manipulation. Dr. Runnels also utilizes acupuncture for a variety of conditions including pain. The latest addition to North Houston Chiropractic is laser treatment, which promotes mitochondrial firing allowing individual cells to perform more efficiently so they can heal quickly from personal injury accidents.


How Can I Afford The Care I Need After a Car Accident?

Written by Dr. Jay Heintz on Thursday, 26 April 2012 00:36.

How Can I Afford the Medical Care I Need?

One of the first questions our offices get asked is about payment for medical treatment of car accident injuries.  The time following an auto accident can be financially straining due to lost income, automobile expenses and medical care.  Our teams can walk you through the options for payment available to you when you have been in a collision.  Often times we are able to reduce and in many cases eliminate your out of pocket costs.  Below are the more common types of coverage offered including Med Pay, third party, hiring a personal injury attorney (lawyer) and major medical insurance. 

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Personal Injury Protection (PIP)/Med Pay

This is coverage on your personal auto policy or, if you are a passenger, the driver of the vehicle that you were riding in. It allows for medical payments directly to the doctor. This coverage will have a set total limit typically between $2,500 and $20,000. Our offices can file this coverage just like major medical insurance and there will be no out of pocket cost to you unless you reach the policy limits.


Auto Accidents - When does the pain begin?

Written by Dr. Jay Heintz on Wednesday, 25 April 2012 00:38.

Sports injuries often involve a great deal of force or trauma when they occur.  That said, injuries resulting from auto accidents respond extremely well to the same treatments we utilize on our athletic patients.  There is often a great deal of anxiety and misunderstanding following an accident.  Patients typically don’t realize that our office will work with their insurance company or attorney to keep them from having to make out of pocket payments during what is often a financially stressful time.  Hopefully the information below will guide you toward the necessary treatment.  Call our office at 281-332-3428 if you have further questions about treatment or payment options. 

When will pain occur
After being involved in a motor vehicle accident there is a misconception that any pain caused by the accident should occur directly after the accident.  While this may be true for broken bones or cuts caused by the accident, soft tissue injuries may present differently. Soft tissue includes structures such as muscle, ligaments, fascia, and tendons.  Soft tissue injury timelines fall into one of three categories:
1) Pain within 1 to 2 hours after the accident typically once the adrenaline rush has subsided
2) Pain with 24-48 hours
3) Pain and headaches, 1 to 2 weeks after the accident occurs

There can also be neurological side effects from a motor vehicle accident as well.  They include, but are not limited to, the following:

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