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After a vehicle accident a misconception is that any pain should occur directly after the accident. read more...

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The Houston Injury Solutions Network

Our group was formed to aid patients in finding quality chiropractors, primary care specialists, orthopaedic surgeons and pain management specialists.  We currently have 39 locations with a variety of specialties. Our providers are located between Conroe and Galveston and from Katy to Beaumont. We also have nine imaging centers to quickly get the tests you may need.  We are proud to have two adjunct Texas Chiropractic College faculty members, two district eleven Texas Chiropractic Association board members, and two Texas Chiropractic College Alumni Association board members in our membership.

Some of the special designations our doctors have earned are:

As a group we treat numerous conditions related to muscles, joints and the spine.  Our offices accept a variety of third party insurance including major medical, attorney liens, personal injury protection (PIP) and workers compensation.  For more specifics, click on each office’s individual website.

Many of our patients have been involved in motor vehicle accidents and are often unsure of their treatment options following an accident.  They frequently consult their primary care physician or an urgent care facility and are advised that medication and rest will alleviate their pain.  While this is often successful, many traumatic injuries require a more hands on approach.  Our doctors are trained in the triage of acute, accident related injuries.  Once you are examined, they will formulate a custom treatment plan based on your injuries, physical conditioning and overall health.  They are also licensed to order imaging including MRIs, CTs and x-rays.  When needed they will make appropriate referrals to primary medical, orthopedists, spine surgeons, and pain management specialists

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